4 Best Easy-To-Use Skincare Treatment Devices For Anti-Aging From L&L Skin

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Why book expensive treatments and then wait for an appointment when you can literally take care of your skin with L&L Skin Devices? Knowing me, you know how much I love skincare and skincare devices. I do not recommend products that do not work, and navigating the world of home skin care products can be a challenge. Unlike lipsticks, you can’t try pore extractors and face lifting devices at makeup stores. Since our skin is so delicate, I am here to help you find the right device for it. After all, our face is so delicate that we simply cannot treat it as we would our clothes.

There are different skin types, textures, and complexions, and what I absolutely adore about L&L Skin is that they are suitable for all skin types, their devices can enhance your skincare routine and add an enhancing effect to it. I have compiled my top 4 favorite products from L&L Skin that have proven to be the best.
VIA – 3in1 Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Device has to be my top favorite device from L&L Skin as it works like magic. It’s 3 in 1 skin treatments RF/EMS/Ultrasonic to give your skin a perfect result, I noticed the result literally in the first use. Your skin is deep cleansed, dullness is removed, congestion is reduced, and blackheads are eliminated with the Ultrasonic mode. I know I know magic right? And its EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) Mode helps to tighten and tone the skin plus! it gives you that toned contour jawline, and its RF (radio frequency) Mode helps tighten, firm, and lift the skin. With just one device your skin can achieve healthy clean skin within the span of a few weeks.
How It Works In Sonic Mode: The VIA uses 3MHz Ultrasonics. Also known as High-Frequency Ultrasound and Sonic. The sound waves produced by the facial ultrasound machine resonate above our hearing range and move too fast for our nerve endings to pick up. 
When the treatment head is in sonic mode, you won’t hear a thing (if you drop water on the treatment head, it will be covered with nano mist, see attached gif). In the process of movement of the ultrasound waves from the treatment head to the skin, they cause a vibration of the surrounding tissues, a process called intercellular communication. Vibrations of these intensively rejuvenating sound waves penetrate below the skin, stimulating collagen and elastin production and removing dirt and debris. These vibrations will not be felt on the surface of the skin, nor will the device feel hot against your skin. This is why it is both safe and comfortable.
Key benefits to it:
Skin is deeply cleansed.
Exfoliates thoroughly.
Leaving skin feeling smoother and looking healthier.
How it works in EMS Mode: In the past, EMS (electric muscle stimulation) was only available in clinics and salons. The therapy uses bipolarity, where two different polarities cross and are transmitted alternately to stimulate nerve ends and cause muscles to contract and relax at regular intervals. The technique can also be described as microcurrent.
• Key benefits to it:
By using EMS consistently, you will reduce fine lines and wrinkles, as well as enhance your jawline and cheeks. Your cellular metabolism is also boosted, your blood circulation is improved, and your facial lymphatic system is helped to flush out toxins.
• Take note:
EMS treatment is best used regularly over the long term. EMS results will not be permanent if you choose to stop using it on your skin, you will notice that they gradually fade.
How it works in RF mode: Through the use of radio-frequency technology (RF therapy), VIA can heat the deep layer of your skin called the dermis to a comfortable temperature, which stimulates new collagen and elastin production, tightening, firming, and lifting the skin.
• Key Benefits to it:
Fine lines and wrinkles can be reduced by using this treatment
Tighten the skin underneath 
Give the face a more contoured appearance 
Your skin will look toned and youthful.
Collagen and elastin syntheses are boosted.
With this device, you can choose between three modes: hot, cold, and normal, it helps with anti-aging and hyperpigmentation. Using its red/blue LED light therapy and heating/cooling system, you’ll have more youthful-looking, healthier skin and stimulates the growth of collagen. Cool mode is designed to reduce puffiness, reduce under-eye circles, and improve blood flow. The best part is that it helps with getting rid of acne as well as getting rid of narrow pores. The Hot Mode is designed to lift your skin and help skin penetrate better. By using the hot mode we can get rid of wrinkles and improve blood circulation as well as relieve muscle tension. Both red and blue light can be more effective in treating acne. Normal mode restores and rejuvenates the skin, and improves skin turgor. MAMI can be used to massage areas around the eyes, lower face, upper face, and massage neck.
The foundation of any skincare regimen is making sure the skin is thoroughly cleansed, I 100% recommend EMI – Face Brush, It is especially useful for acne-prone skin. Getting your skin all cleansed is so important it removes all the unwanted oil and dirt from the skin and gives you that smooth result, with EMI’s soft, ultra-hygienic silicone bristles, you can get rid of residues, dark spots, and blemishes. It effectively removes all facial wrinkles, especially those at the alar-facial crease, by bending the surface at 30 degrees.
UVMagic mirror has two sides. When you use the UV side, you can see areas with thin coverage or spots that have been missed. Protected skin appears dark on the screen, while unprotected skin appears light. This thing is an absolute lifesaver when it comes to living in the region. Knowing where you have missed your sunscreen and where you haven’t is such a happy feeling. Now you can start your day with protected skin!. The Mirror side is such a handy side cause you don’t have to carry out giant lights with you or need great lighting to apply your makeup or to check your makeup, the UVMagic mirror has 3 brightness settings. You can adjust the lighting as you prepare it. Plus, it is compact enough to fit in your purse everywhere you go.