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UV Magic mirror is a brilliant two-sided mirror: One side has UV test camera that reveals sunscreen coverage and the other side has 3 brightness modes LED light for applying your makeup and tweezing your eyebrows.

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Sunscreen Coverage Reveal UVMagic Mirror

Sunscreen Coverage Reveal UVMagic Mirror


Sunscreen Coverage Reveal UVMagic Mirror


    2 Functions

    LED Vanity Mirror

    Adjust Brightness LED:
    3 level brightness adapt to any lighting condition

    UV Visual Mode

    Check the face is completely covered with sunscreen

    Can UV rays from UV cameras harm us?

    We can see the comparison from the picture
    The UV rays emitted from the Migic Mirror is "weak" status. This intensity of ultraviolet rays will not cause any damage to our skin or even our eyes, and this is a short-term exposure, and sunscreen will be applied during the process, so this will not cause any harm to the human body.

    The strong UV rays of the sunlight will have an absolute impact on our skin, causing skin aging, melanin deposition and other skin problems, so we need to take precautions against this

    UV Magic

    UVMagic is a pioneering compact mirror that does double duty. A first of its kind, this magic mirror serves two functions: a conventional mirror on one side lets you quickly check your makeup and appearance. The opposite side is used to ensure you're totally protected from damaging UV rays, by highlighting where sunscreen is applied. And bonus! It also reveals whether makeup is removed completely, to ensure clean, clear skin. This brilliant compact mirror helps you look your luminous best and helps keep your skin preternaturally healthy, whether your makeup is on or off.

    Why UVMagic

    Long-lasting skin protection

    Exposure to UV rays from the sun or even tanning beds, can cause many health problems, ranging from sunburn and allergic reactions to premature aging, and skin cancer. Sunscreen can help counter these damaging effects, but how do you really know if you’re really 100% covered? With the UVMagic compact mirror, you never have to guess again.

    Stay Beautiful Anywhere

    No matter the conditions, 3 brightness modes provide perfect lighting and flawless clarity From soft to bright modes, you can clearly and effortlessly perfect the smallest of facial details. The UVMagic packs a lot of power into a small size, with bright LED lights that provide beautiful, luminous lighting in 3 different modes. Easily switch between "bright," "natural," and "soft" to achieve the perfect lighting conditions for applying your makeup and tweezing your eyebrows.

    Keep checking & reapplying sunscreen

    Physical and chemical sunscreens protect from damaging UV rays in different ways. Due to the way the mirror operates, UVMagic works while viewing chemical sunscreen, not physical ones. With UVMagic, whenever you are applying, reapplying, taking off sunscreen, you can have a clearer picture about your sunscreen protection. The fabulous UVMagic mirror doubles as a conventional mirror on one side and one that detects where UV exposure may hide on the other. It’s really a must for you to make sure the sunscreen is applied properly and evenly.

    Completely protects you from UV rays

    what's in the package

    ✔️1 x Sunscreen Coverage Reveal UVMagic Mirror
    ✔️1 x USB line
    ✔️1 x Flannel bag

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