MAMI Hot & Cold Beauty Device

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MAMI is a Hot and Cold Beauty Device which features anti-aging technology that combines high-speed massage, red/blue LED light therapy and heating/cooling system.

MAMI Hot & Cold Beauty Device

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  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces the appearance of pigmentation and redness
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Promotes circulation
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Promotes healthier, younger-looking skin
  • All natural. No pain, side effects.
  • *Note: Results may vary based on skin type and degree of laxity in skin

Beauty at all Ages

Wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, redness and dry skin are all visible signs of aging. Find the years stolen by time with L&L.

Look as young as you feel with L&L Skin.

Wrinkle Reduction

Smooth fine lines

Hot & Cold dual effect

Amplify serums & moisturizers

Firms and lifts skin


Stimulates collagen production

MAMI is Ready for You

Technical Specifications

3 Mode

Heating + LED (Red Light) + Vibrating

Cooling + LED ( Blue Light)+ Vibrating

Sonic Vibrating

Targeted Use



Wavelengths & Function

Red Light: 620-760nm

40±5℃ Heating

Blue Light: 400-450nm

6~10℃ Cooling

6000+ vibrations per minute


Facial & Neck Massager

Charging cable

USB  line  

Flannel bag

Clean cloth

Head straps

Carry bag



How to use?

Normal/Cold/Hot modes switch automatically every 3 minutes.
Great for women skin care for face or neck.

Great anti-aging results




Apply preparation gel or lotion


Turn on MAMI, use vibration to massage your face.


Switch to cold mode with blue light therapy.


Switch to hot mode with red light therapy.


Wash and remove the gel

What people say

Now, I don't know about wrinkles, but I have noticed a smoothness and softness to my skin, especially my cheeks. Even if I didn't notice a difference, I would have still loved this because the vibration/hot/cold modes make my skin feel incredible and vibrant after using it. Each setting is 3 minutes total and will automatically cycle through all 3 when it's turned on. No light for vibration, blue light for cold cycle, red light for heat cycle. The massager is ergonomic and fits in my hand without difficulty. There's no discomfort when the mode is on vibration for the three minutes. The charge on it last for days too. I've only charge once so far in a couple weeks. The base is nice too. Keeps it straight and doesn't slide right out. Plus the charging port comes from the base so no worries about wires or an open port if some water runs down it or not. I recommend using it with a cream too. Made it easier and smoother for me to glide it across my face.

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This facial tool, "L&L SKIN Facial Massager, Face Neck Lifting Massage Device with Hot & Cold Modes for Wrinkles" targets sagging skin with vibration accompanied by a cooling sensation or a heating sensation. The wand is curved to glide effortlessly along one's cheeks and neck. It takes some manipulating on the forehead and around the eyes, but it isn't difficult to get the feel of the wand. The slight vibration is excellent for facilitating absorption of skincare products. But what I have discovered this tool is also useful for is running underneath my arms to help with lymphatic drainage. I was thinking while using it one day how much it's helping with my lymph nodes in my neck and thought, those lumps in my pits could use this, too. Have those? Welcome to being in our 50's. Things sag and stuff gets clogged. Overall, it's a pricey product, but if you want to lift your skin or get your lymphatic system flowing, this facial tool can do the trick.

customer image


 I've been using this for about a month now and love it. It's super easy to use and the charge lasts forever so I just keep it on my coffee table and use it at night when I'm watching TV. It fits perfectly in your hand and you can either pull it across your skin or push it. You need to be sure you have a cream or serum on your face so that this can glide across your skin easily -- otherwise, it will pull on your skin and that's not good at all. I just do my nighttime skin routine and then add an extra layer of a hyaluronic acid serum I like. Basically, you want extra product on the skin for this to glide over, but you don't need a specific product. I especially like to use this after I've put on a face mask and then use the leftover serum from that to use with this.
As for whether it's worth the price, I will say that it's about the same as getting one treatment from a medical spa.

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What did Dermatologists & Estheticians say?

Professional-Quality Results
 At A Fraction Of The Cost

For the price of 2 or 3 in-Medspa you can own your own professional quality
L&L decive, and treat wherever, whenever you like!

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