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We believe every women in the world desires and deserves love in her life, and that is where the L&L SKIN story begins...

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VIA - 3in1 Rejuvenation Beauty Device


EMI - Face Brush


MIO2 Guasha Face Lifting Device


MAMI Hot & Cold Beauty Device


HONO Breast Massager & Body Slimming Device


YOKO Infrared Photon Rejuvenation Beauty Device


MIGA Portable Water Flosser


MIO1 Face Lifting Device

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MIO2 Guasha Face Lifting Device Set

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What our customer say

Nice product! I’ve been using it for about a week and noticed my skin get softer. It has also helped slim and tightened my neck. The massager and heat are very pleasant and it’s a nice relaxing way to end the day.


Very easy to use. I use it while I am driving to work and before bed at night. You just put on your moisturizer and use the unit over it. It gives you a lifted, smooth look as it absorbs the nutrients of the moisturizer into your skin for a glowy look. I would recommend it. I’m not sure of getting rid of fine lines yet because I haven’t used it enough. I just see the results of a smoother complexion right after I am done using.

Gabriela Luciani

Great device! Used regularly, this little dynamo offers multiple light therapy options, nice massage & I can truly see the difference in my skin after weeks of daily use. Design fits curves of the face/neck beautifully. I’m pleasantly surprised & glad I took a chance…at this price, why not?


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