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The vast majority of people own a traditional hair dryer, however, as technology continues to advance, significant breakthroughs have been made in the world of hairdressing. Traditional hair dryers just use hot air to dry hair, but now, ionic technology gives us more possibilities. These innovative hair dryer technology advances may have revolutionized hair dryer choices and expectations. Using a high-speed motor and ionic technology to dry hair quickly, unlike traditional hair dryers that bake your hair, high-speed hair dryers are equipped with a powerful, high-revving motor that typically spins at tens to hundreds of thousands of revolutions per minute (rpm). This high-speed rotating motor generates powerful winds that dry wet hair quickly, applying less heat to the hair. This reduces the risk of hair damage, including dryness, split ends and frizz


  • High-Speed Motor: 2x faster than a traditional hair dryer with a 110,000 RPM high-speed brushless motor, reducing the risk of damage from traditional high-temperature drying.
  • Negative Ion Decomposition Function: It can release 500 million negative ions, neutralize positive ions to balance the static electricity in the hair, make the hair no longer frizzy, and effectively lock in moisture.
  • More features: The hair dryer has three heat and wind settings so you can adjust the temperature according to your needs. It should also come with 2 magnetic nozzles to fit any look. Efficient heat dissipation, intelligent temperature control system, self-cleaning function, foldable and portable.

Multiple innovative technologies and Utility model patents


High-Speed Motor 110,000RPM


Intelligent temperature control system


V-shaped saw outlet


Independent negative warehouse


self-cleaning function


Utility model patents


Shinier +50%         Smoother +60%       Reduces frizz -90%

Regular Blow-Dryers VS Ion Hair Dryer


High-speed ionic hair dryer technology can provide multiple benefits based on different hair types, enabling a fast and efficient hair drying process while reducing the risk of hair damage, improving the look and feel of hair, making hair healthier and easier to manage .

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