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L&L SKIN has seen countless women suffer from skin problems. After rigorous market research, we discovered a method for restoring and adding glow to women’s delicate skin. After twenty years of scientific research and fifteen years of development, L&L SKIN is dedicated to vitalizing your skin and muscles, relaxing your skin, promoting blood circulation, increasing skin tension naturally, and creating firm skin.


We originated from a Japanese brand, Japan’s L&L Skin Tech Co., Ltd. Our professional team offers strong management from product development to operations tracking and protection. Our products are the soul of our company. Our R&D team cooperates with many famous design teams. L&L SKIN’s cutting-edge technology combines traditional methods to make your face glow. Our traditional and ancient methods maintain your state of natural innocence. Our cutting-edge technology features precise positioning and a brand-new design that works for most women. Our comprehensive upgrades can delay aging, maintaining 360-degree contact with the skin, releasing the fullest vitality of your skin, and providing a focused improvement on the skin’s texture. No chemicals are needed to be truly natural.


Life and time flow like water. L&L SKIN keeps you glowing like the morning dew.

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Great device! Used regularly, this little dynamo offers multiple light therapy options, nice massage & I can truly see the difference in my skin after weeks of daily use. Design fits curves of the face/neck beautifully. I’m pleasantly surprised & glad I took a chance…at this price, why not?

Verified Purchase


Very easy to use. I use it while I am driving to work and before bed at night. You just put on your moisturizer and use the unit over it. It gives you a lifted, smooth look as it absorbs the nutrients of the moisturizer into your skin for a glowy look. I would recommend it. I’m not sure of getting rid of fine lines yet because I haven’t used it enough. I just see the results of a smoother complexion right after I am done using.

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Gabriela Luciani

Nice product! I’ve been using it for about a week and noticed my skin get softer. It has also helped slim and tightened my neck. The massager and heat are very pleasant and it’s a nice relaxing way to end the day.

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I’ve been using it since I received it early this month. My skin turned softer, especially the skin around my eyes felt more smooth than before. It’s also very easy to use. I used it when I was watching Youtube, updating my facebook, and definitely after I have had a long day at work. Just love it! Also, the package it came in was so beautiful that I kept it and put massage machine back into it every night!

Verified Purchase

Charlotte Winston


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