MIGA Portable Water Flosser


MIGA is a well-designed waterproof portable water flosser that can help you clean your teeth and prevent from oral problems.

SKU: Miga-beige

    Sonic Mode - One key to operate

    IPX7 waterproof, high-pressure pulse water 1000-1300 times/minute, deep cleaning of the mouth, preventing various oral problems

    Regular flossing helps remove food from between the teeth and prevent cavities, cavities, and even tooth loss.

    Portable Charging Case

    • 5W superpower magnetic fast charging.
    • Charging 2 hours for using 30 days
    • Meet the needs of multiple uses.
    • Really solve oral problems
    • Let you show a confident and charming smile

    Care your oral health


    There's nothing like that just-left-the-dentist feeling after you get your teeth cleaned — and with a good water flosser, you can feel like that every day.


    ✔️1 x MIGA Portable Water Flosser
    ✔️1 x Portable charging case
    ✔️1 x USB cable
    ✔️1 x Clean cloth
    ✔️1 x Head straps