KUMI Electric Detangling Brush Hair and Scalp Massager with 2 Essential Oil Capsule


With KUMI's innovative design, Easy Hair Glow, Effortless Beauty, saving time and effort


✔️Detangles hair effectively without damage
✔️Automatic essential oil spray Nourishes hair
✔️Provides a relaxing scalp massage
✔️Suitable for both men and women
✔️Compatible with all hair types

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    3-in-1 High-Efficiency Hair Care Essential Oil Comb

    One brush, three functions, bringing the ultimate scalp spa care

    Works like magic, backed by science

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    Spray out essential oils like a mist, the delicate oil molecules smooth out frizz. Patented mist nurturing technology, smoothing hair cuticles while bringing out a water-like glow without greasiness.

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    Experience the deep vibrating massage at 3000 times per minute to relax your scalp. Anytime, anywhere, give your hair a massage to nourish the hair follicles and care for a healthy scalp.

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    High-frequency vibration + three-stage combing, smooth and easy all the way through. Long, medium, and short high elasticity teeth, effortlessly smooth without pulling or tugging, reducing breakage and discomfort

    We Do Things Differently

    With over 5 years of experience in the beauty industry, we have helped thousands of customers improve their personal care routines.

    KUMI Essential Oil Hair Care Device
    uses patented essential oil atomization nourishing technology to smooth hair cuticles, deeply repair hair quality, and present a hydrated glossy look without greasiness, restoring vitality to your hair.

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    Removable and washable comb teeth plate makes cleaning easier and more convenient.

    Replaceable essential oil capsule, equipped with 2 essential oil capsules

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    Interchangeable comb plate,one for massaging and one for detangling


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