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EMI - Heating Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush


EMI is a ergonomically tapered designed facial Cleansing Brush that can access even the most difficult facial contours for the ultimate clean and remove residues, cutin & dark head.

SKU: EMI-beige


    8 Adjustable Strengths

    Adjustable Vibration:
    Deeply cleanse skin, reduce dull skin, clear congestion, and reduce blackheads.

    IPX7 Waterproof

    Hassle Free:
    Don't worry about machine failure due to water ingress.

    Ergonomically Design

    Clean Thoroughly:
    The hard-to-clean corners of the face can be cleaned by EMI.

    Smooth fine lines

    IPX7 Waterproof

    Deep cleanse skin

    Removes dead skin

    Facial massage

    100% Real Results

    Let's Check The 60 Days Differences


    ✔️1 x EMI - Facial Cleansing Brush
    ✔️1 x USB line
    ✔️1 x Charging Base
    ✔️1 x Flannel bag
    ✔️1 x Clean cloth
    ✔️1 x Head straps

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews

    Die Gesichtsreinigungsbürste ist unglaublich schön. Die Gesichtshaut fühlt sich nach dem Wasche wie bei Baby. Ich kann die nur weiterempfehlen.
    Ich bin sehr begeistert.


    I never used any brushes when washed my face, just didn't see necessity, but this brush changed my mind. My skin after using it is so clean and the very brush is so gentle and soft. It is worth the money. Recommend!

    Miriam M.

    Simple to use and it only takes a few minutes. I feel like my dark spots are starting to lighten up.


    It took me a while to finally try this product, I felt my hands worked just fine and didn't need to add something that seemed so unnecessary to my skincare routine. Tried that out and was PLEASANTLY surprised and satisfied. Then I figured what the heck and actually used it to cleanse my face one night: it was super quick, easy, felt nice and wasn't a hassle to rinse and throw it on a towel to dry. The silicone it's made from is soft and the neck of the device is flexible so it's really easy to scrub around your nose, chin and jaw. It provides a gentle exfoliation and the vibration really works your cleansers deep into the pores leaving your skin feeling extra clean and smooth after you rinse. It honestly takes no extra time or effort to use it if you keep it near your sink and cleaning it is as simple as running water over it and rubbing the bristles with your thumb. I'm not sure why they mark up the price as high as they do. Yes, it's well made, waterproof so you don't have to worry about the battery getting wet, and the silicone material feels good.


    This EMI facial cleanser brush is the first facial cleansing brush that I have tried, and I couldn’t be happier with my experience! I love how much more hygienic the cleanser is compared to other facial cleanser brushes that have bristles. The EMI cleanser has silicone bristles, which allow for a much more hygienic experience, without compromising how effective it is. There are three pulse settings. I love the soft matte touch as it does not get slippery when wet in the shower. I also love how gentle it is on the skin. It doesn’t tug or grip the skin, pull on it or cause any kind of irritation. I love using gel based or creamy foam face cleansers when using this brush. It helps the product to work into the skin and cleanse the skin without ever leaving your skin feeling dry or stripped.