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LENA Heating/Cooling/Vibration Eye Massager


LENA a unique device designed specifically to rejuvenate the thin and sensitive skin around the eyes. It combined the heating and cooling massage. Removes signs of fatigue and stress, smoothes out wrinkles and tones the skin.

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    Cooling/Cooling+Vibration Mode

    Cooling compresses and vibrating massages can smooth the skin and remove puffiness eyes.

    Heating/Heating+Vibration Mode

    Hot compresses and vibrating massages can open up skin channels for easier absorption of essence and nutrients.

    100% Real Results

    90 Days of using LENA

    Heat Conduction Mode

    The heat helps the skin to open the pores, and the vibration relaxes the deep muscles, making it easier for the serum to be absorbed by the skin at this time and makes the skin's condition look better.

    Quick Cooling Massage

    Cold compresses can soothe the skin, and if combined with vibrations, it can effectively remove eye puffiness and relieve eyes fatigue.