MIO1 Electric Gua Sha Face Sculpting Device


The L&L SKIN MIO1 is a unique sonic face lifting massager that helps to restore glow and firmness to the face when used with your favorite moisturizer.

SKU: llskinmio1-silver

    How to use MIO1

    - Before using the facial gua sha massager, make sure to remove makeup and wash your face.
    - Use for 10 minutes every day.
    - Gently massage the forehead, eyes, cheeks, chin, and neck area
    - Massaging acupressure points by three-rounded corners
    - The hot mode (113°F/45°C) helps with skincare product absorption, reducing fine lines, and deeply nourishing the skin.
    - DO NOT use during sensitive periods
    - Do not use while charging.

    Top 6 Reasons to Choose Facial Scraping Massager MIO1

    - Ergonomic design for easier care of every corner of the face and neck
    - 2 intensity modes plus vibration mode
    - Up to 10 hours of working time on a single charge
    - Made with safe materials
    - Promotes healthier, younger-looking skin
    - Completely natural. No pain, no side effects.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Svitlana V.

    Thank you a lot

    I like this device

    Now my morning ritual has become more enjoyable. With this device you can not only perform microcurrents, but also gua sha massage. It reduces puffiness very well in the morning!

    Fun gadget to add to the daily routine

    This electric gua sha is a nice beauty tool to have. It is bigger than your traditional jade/ stone gua sha tools but comfortable enough to hold in your hand. It uses micro USB charger which the port is on the side of the tool. Aside from the charging port, the entire metal perimeter heats up and provides the massage, which makes you wonder why they didn't put the charger port on a different area on the tool. Although it has a rubber cover, you are still rubbing that area over your skin. It has a regular massage mode and a warm mode. I felt the warm was quite comfortable and did not feel too hot even around my eye area. You can use this over your face and body, but it didn't come with any specific instructions so I would look up some traditional gua sha method videos so you scrape it in the correct direction to make sure you are getting maximum benefit to help with lymphatic drainage. You need to use it on clean skin and apply your creams to help it glide smoothly over your skin or else you will cause tugging. The only downside is that it is not waterproof. It comes with a cleaning cloth but I feel that any beauty tool that you use should be easily cleanable especially if it will have residue from creams on it.

    Overall a fun product, as traditional gua sha has been shown to improve skin, this is the same concept with the additional benefit of massage and heat. You will need to use continuously to see results.

    Kathy R.
    Holistic face lifting with sonic vibration + heat + guasha = rejuvenation, relaxation, etc

    This beautifully designed device made on me a strong impression as soon as I unpacked it. Not only the aesthetics impressed me, but also the attentive Japanese design of every feature, based on experience and research. The sonic vibration Plus heat Plus Gua sha pressure is a powerful combination that makes the L&L Skin MIO device very effective; Here is what I like:
    - effective and gentle stimulation of acu/presso-puncture areas that resulted in firming & lifting my face skin after a few sessions;
    - enhanced absorption of moisturizers/oil/mask creams;
    - pleasant stimulation of blood and lymphatic circulation system - my face looks so much younger and healthier, with a beautiful rose color;
    - relieve muscle tension and deep relaxation;
    - moderate pressure, and as opposed to guasha, I kept it perpendicular to the face and glided it slowly towards the main acupressure points, with a very gentle movement and always making sure that an oil/moisturizer is applied.

    Mckenna W.

    Great at-home unit