EMI – Facial Cleansing brush reviewed by Sincerely Celinee

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(Instagram:@sincerelycelinee- https://sincerelyceline.ca/2022/05/26/using-the-emi-facial-cleansing-brush/)

I am absolutely obsessed with all things skincare and facial tools! There are so many different tools that target different skin types and concerns, it’s very rare that you find a product that is truly universally friendly and can work for everyone. The EMI Facial Cleansing Brush is definitely the ideal universally friendly facial cleansing tool that will work for almost anyone! 

This amazing facial tool has become the one that I reach for the most, to start the packaging is absolutely stunning, it comes secure and extremely clean! It also has all needed appliances like the charging cable, a clean cloth, a carrying bag and more! Once it is out of the packaging, the shape is a fair bit unique when compared to other facial tools, this cleansing brush is longer and not as wide, this really helps when cleansing hard to reach areas, for example around the nose area. The EMI honestly glides into all of the face contours and gives my face a really fresh and clean feeling! 

There are so many benefits to using the EMI on a regular basis, I use it every morning and night during my skincare routines, it is the first step and really makes a huge difference! I personally really love using the EMI with a foaming cleanser, anything that is basic and will really let the EMI do most of the work! The EMI removes oil and dirt from the skin so easily, it also helps to remove dead skin cells, which promote the creation of new skin cells, thus making the skin ultimately look healthier and smoother! The effect of the EMI also relaxes the facial muscles, this allowing the skin to improve elasticity and preventing further wrinkles and fine lines! 

I personally really struggle with blackheads and whiteheads, particularly t-zone and nose area. The EMI is perfect for exfoliating those difficult areas of the face and deeply working at removing the buildup and residue! The EMI also has some flexibility, this is an overlooked feature, it makes it so much easier to move around the face and to make sure the bristles aren’t abrasive!  In a matter of a week I was able to see visible results, my pores were a lot better and this made my skin look significantly brighter! 

The EMI has two main settings, these two modes are basic cleansing mode and deep cleansing mode! Personally, I really enjoy using the basic cleansing mode because I do use it twice a day and this mode is really gentle yet effective! It’s the ideal setting for maintaining and brightening without stripping the skin! If you do need a bit more, you can definitely switch to deep cleansing mode or you can adjust the strength! There are 8 adjustable strengths to really accommodate your needs and concerns and to ensure that you are getting an ideal cleanse! The EMI is also waterproof! It really gives me peace of mind that I am able to use this facial tool freely and not worry about ruining it when in use and cleaning it! 

The EMI has rightfully earned a permanent spot in my everyday skincare routine and is truly an amazing product for any and all skin types!