VIA 3in1 Beauty Device reviewed by Wiesje Weeber

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I am a huge fan of beauty tools that bring your skincare routine to the next level. I have been using L&L Via – 3in1 Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Device and I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you guys.


First I would like to to tell you more about the actual device, what does it do and how does it actually work? So, there are different settings on the actual device;
The VIA offers radio-frequency (RF) to deliver thermal energy to the skin with the intention of causing micro-injuries, which will help to trigger the creation of new collagen to tighten, firm and to lift the skin.
Next to the RF it also has an EMS function, which is an Electronic Muscle Stimulation, this helps with lifting and tighten the skin.

The V Face rolling diamond deeply massage the face to rekindle the vitality of the skin. This feels so lovely on the skin, very relaxing.

To summarise this device for you, the VIA will help your skin with;

  • Reducing wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Improving with swelling.
  • Reducing stress and discomfort.
  • Improve blood flow and circulation.
  • Deep cleanses the skin
  • Helps to remove dead skin
  • Drives nutrients into the skin
  • No side effect (but do not use when pregnant or when you are having heavy / painful period) 

I truly feel that this device is almost a must in your routine, using a device like this in your skincare routine at home can really step up your game. It works wonders for my skin and my face feels smooth and lifted after using this, it’s such a clever device because you get a lot of functions in one device.
It’s also very relaxing and I have seen great benefits on my skin, it really is like a facial in your own home!

The design from the VIA is also very sleek, I absolutely love how it looks and feels, it’s great quality and fits perfectly in my hand, easy to use too.
I am such a fan and I won’t be without my VIA anymore, it also comes with a little carry bag, so it’s so easy to take with you in case you are traveling.

I Hope you find this information helpful , do not forget to check the website and socials too from L&L Skin. Lots of Love, Wiesje XX

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