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electric guasha face massage

MIO2 Gua Sha Face Lifting Device

Combine the oriental physiotherapy concept of Gua Sha and acupuncture points. Lift your face and enjoy the magic from the East. MIO2 provides a traditional Asian massage therapy (Gua Sha...
L&L SKIN face massager vibration

MAMI Hot & Cold Beauty Device

Features anti-aging technology that combines high-speed massage, red/blue LED light therapy and heating/cooling system.  Normal Mode (Massage) Soothe skin, eliminate facial muscle fatigue. Firm up your sagging skin, fight facial...
HONO Body EMS Massager

HONO Body Massager & Tightening Device

HONO uses the latest skincare technology to help you achieve relaxed muscles while lifting and firming the skin. This revolutionary massage device has four different modes: massaging, lifting, and two...
Infrared Photon Rejuvenation Beauty Device

YOKO Infrared Photon Rejuvenation Beauty Device

This device is powered by NASA-inspired LED Chromotherapy can penetrate into the dermis to promote collagen synthesis. YOKO focuses on "light therapy" because we believe that light will make people...
MIGA Portable Water Flosser

MIGA Portable Water Flosser

In modern life that more focus on social etiquette, a beautiful portable water flosser has become the first choice for women. MIGA’s waterproof and tiny design is perfect for small...
MIO1 Face Lifting Device

MIO1 Face Lifting Device

The L&L SKIN MIO1 is a unique sonic face lifting massager that helps to restore glow and firmness to the face when used with your favorite moisturizer. MIO1 helps to refresh...
vibrating facial massager

3 in 1 RF/EMS/Ultrasonic Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Device

VIA offers a radio-frequency treatment (RF) to deliver thermal energy to the skin with the intention of causing micro-injuries, which trigger the creation of new collagen to tighten, firm, and lift the skin. It's also combined...
EMI - Facial Cleansing Brush

EMI - Facial Cleansing Brush

EMI will shipping on the 26th, pre-order enjoy 30% off : LLS30   Ergonomically tapered design to access even the most difficult facial contours for the ultimate clean.Magnetic wireless charging...
Sonic electric toothbrush L&L Skin

MORI - Electric Toothbrush

Looking for a powerful and customizable electric toothbrush? Look no further than the sleek and stylish MORI toothbrush. With up to 40,000 brush strokes per minute, five different brushing modes,...